Clothing Guidelines

Special Notes In Preparing For Your Portrait
Remember the object of this portrait … a beautiful, sensitive portrait, which shows the relationship and personalities of each person in the portrait. For this reason, keep the clothing very subtle – what you want to avoid is having any one person “jump” out of the portrait because he or she is dressed in a lighter or brighter outfit than everyone else.

Many people describe the portraits created at Knapp Fine Portraiture as “the most distinguished portrait we’ve ever had made.” Because of this we highly recommend that you chose more formal clothing; darker colors for men and jewel tones for women. Choosing to wear darker colors can help you appear up to 22 pounds lighter in your finished portraits.

If you wear glasses, be sure to have your optician supply you with empty rims for the day of your appointment, as not only do glasses catch light reflections and glare, but can also distort the face-line in some portraits because of the lenses.

Dark color or jewel tone clothing photographs best. Dresses that flow below the waist are preferred over short or tight fitting dresses that hinder your ability to move.Eye shadow should be applied lightly and with care: the center point of interest in a fine portrait is the eyes. Apply two coats of mascara- on both upper and lower lashes. Wear your make-up as usual. Bring your make-up with you in case any minor modification is required.

Dark suits or tuxedos photograph best for men. We always recommend 2 layers, a shirt and jacket, vest or sweater. Be sure to shave just prior to your appointment, as there is no way to hide a “five o’clock shadow” in color photography.