About Us

"Relationships are defined in quiet moments of truth . . ." -Davy Knapp
Davy has been involved in creating fine art since he was 14 years old. He began painting using pastel, oil and watercolor paints. Although he has experimented with photography most of his life, photography has been his choice form of expression for the past 17 years. His background in painting is a trait that is seen in each Knapp portrait.

Davy has been commissioned to create portraits throughout Texas, the United States, South America and the Caribbean. His work has been selected for publications such as The Texas Wedding Guide, Texas Highways, Frisco Style, On Magazine, Cattle Baron Magazine, Amarillo Style, Amarillo Magazine and Accent West. One of his images was  chosen to headline a national advertising campaign for Mpix.com. He has been featured in Amarillo Globe News several times as well as voted Amarillo’s Best Photographer 2003, and Amarillo's Best Children's Photographer 2014. 

Photographing thousands of people over the last 17 years, its not uncommon for Knapp Portraits' clients to travel across the country to be photographed in our studio. Most recently Davy hosted clients from New York, Pennsylvania, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma along with families from Texas destinations far from the Panhandle like Austin, Houston and Dallas all within a single week.